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Mechanical product designs are manufactured through local certified fabricators.


Expertise in all applicable disciplines through our network of consulting engineers.


We offer over 75 years of combined experience and innovation in global waste gas disposal solutions.

Flare Burners

Utility Flare Burners - used to effectively burn lighter waste gas where  smokeless flaring is not going to be a concern. This type of burner is simple in design and can be used for gas exit velocities up to 0.75 mach.

Single Point Sonic Flare Burners - designed to effectively dispose of lighter waste gases using pressure as the motive force, up to mach 1.0 exit velocity.  Specifically used where system back pressure can be as high as 90 psig. Typically installed where smokeless requirements are minimal such as pigging operations and emergency blow-downs.

Multi Point Sonic Flare Burners - also used to effectively dispose of waste gases using pressure, but designed to provide a short stable flame which is less affected by wind, where a long flame length cannot be tolerated such as on offshore platforms, heavily forested or urban areas.  Effectively disposes of heavier molecular weight gas while providing smokeless flaring operation.

Steam Assisted Flare Burners - used primarily where flare activity needs to be smokeless for the day to day operational gas releases.  Designed for very heavy gas releases such as those typically found in a crude oil refinery, or petro-chemical facility.

Air Assisted Flare Burners - an alternative to the Steam Assisted Flare Burner but with less operational costs and maintenance.  Air Assisted flares are typically installed when steam is not available and utilize varied blower arrangements to inject air into the flame in order to reduce smoke.  Air Assisted flares are perfect for day to day operational flare gas releases such as propane and butane.

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